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includes up to 40 pictures, 2 songs, and 2 categories. This is a perfect and affordable package if you have a small amount of pictures, but desire to keep them forever!

Package #2

includes up to 80 pictures, 4 songs, and 4 categories. This is an ideal package for a recent wedding, sporting event, or any other precious moment in your life.

Package #3

This is our largest pre-customized package. Its a prefect package for a large amount of pictures. This package suits family albums very well. If you send us your pictures via mail, we will be more than happy to scan each each picture to your DVD. At no extra charge!

Welcome to PixonDVD.com – Pictures to DVD Service

Have you ever had special pictures that you wanted to keep forever, but something happened and now they are gone? We at PixonDVD.com are here to help you save those memories at an affordable price. Now you can have all of your memories for a lifetime and without the worry of discoloration, fading, or aging and falling apart. Having your pictures on a DVD is like having your mind attached to a screen, so that you can share with everyone or just enjoy those moments all over again by yourself. We are your source for professionally created digital photo dvd, but with a touch from our heart!

Here at PixonDVD.com we offer the chance to help save precious memories such as births, weddings, first steps, the big one that got away, and so much more. If you have ever wanted to preserve your memories in a better and affordable way but didn't know how, you've come to the right place. We offer affordable packages that are guaranteed to fit your pocket book, and keep a smile on your face. We are the ultimate DVD photo service!

A Photo to DVD is the perfect gift for any occasion. These great unique gifts are becomming one of the most sought after gifts for the holiday season. Plus we also specialize in Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Presents, Grandparents Day, Reunions, and Memorials of any kind. We truly put our heart and soul into these DVDs. Like our banner on the left hand says, we really do put "at least 2 - 8 hours" into each DVD we create. No cutting corners here!

PixonDVD.com Memorial Sample DVD

You may also give us a call at: (682) 214-0420 if you would like to speak with a Customer Service Representative. To view more samples CLICK HERE.


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