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Hello, my name is Ginger Alexander. I’m here to tell you about PixonDVD.com. It all started in January 2005. I made a Picture DVD for my mom who lived in Texas, of me and my family who lived in California. I showed the DVD to my close friend. She thought it was very good and wanted one of herself for her husband. I didn’t know that my friend was diagnosed with Leukemia when she wanted the DVD created.

So, I took pictures of her and some pictures that she already had and made a DVD for her to give her husband. When she saw the DVD she loved it. She also told me that I had a talent and should share it with everyone. I thought about it and she was right. I enjoyed making the DVD and seeing how much joy it brought to her and her husband. My friend had taken a turn for the worse after her bone marrow transplant and lost her fight in February 2005. Thanks to my friend I’m now helping spread cheer, joy and love with my DVDs.

Now 13 years and many happy customers later, I have a nice little business. Each of my DVDs are made with love and care. I make each as if they were for my own family and friends. At PixonDVD.com I offer affordable packages that are easy on your pocketbook and still leave you smiling. These picture DVDs make great gifts for all occasions. Check out my very competitive pictures and choose PixonDVD.com to help you save those precious memories. When you give a PixonDVD.com picture DVD you give your life and love, as well as our love that goes into the making of the DVD.

Thank you for stopping in and checking out our site. I look forward to doing business with you.


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Picture DVD's are great family gifts!

Its not surprising to find out that most of the members on Ephotozine.com said one of the most important items they could try to save in a house fire were their precious pictures. Photography isn't a 1900's taboo anymore, its real life memories.

When a new baby is born you record their memory in picture. When your baby grows up and takes his or her first step, you take a picture. When your child grows up and plays sports, you take their picture. This is the process all the way up till a person passes away. When giving your respects, a lot of people are showing their "life" their "memories" in pictures.

Luckily we finally entered the digital age. In this, its now possible to take those pictures and put them onto an interactive DVD. Dealerscope.com has recently said that 50% of all U.S and Canadian households now own at least one DVD player. This is a prime example how everyone is moving to DVDs. Approaching the holiday seasons, its such a great gift idea to give a loved one a Picture DVD.

Weddings, School Graduations, Sports, Birthdays, and so much more can all be put on interactive Picture DVDs. Here are www.PixonDVD.com we not only save your precious pictures to a DVD, we take your memories and build a virtual world of your life.