The Pix on DVD Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

Frequently Asked Questions by customers


Q – Do you accept negatives?

Yes we do accept negatives, but this will be an extra charge of $5.00. It will cost us additional money to develop the negatives, then burn them to the DVD.

You can also go to Wal-Mart or any other photo developing place, and get your picture developed onto a CD. Ship us the CD and we can then put them on a professional DVD for you.


Q – Do you charge extra to scan pictures?

We will scan your pictures for you at no additional charge. This is included in any package you choose. All of our packages come with FREE scanning! Other companies charge anywhere from $0.35 – $1.00 per picture.


Q – After you have received our pictures, how long until we receive our DVD?

The process usually takes 7 – 10 business days, and depends on how many customer orders are in front of you. It will take another 2 – 3 days for shipping. So you are looking at about 12 – 15 days from the time we receive your pictures to when you will receive your Picture DVD.


Q – Do you accept credit cards?

In this day of age, its amazing how anyone can afford to not accept credit cards.

Yes, we definitely accept credit cards from all different sources. We use 256-bit encrypted processors, to make you feel at ease with purchasing a product on-line.

We are also proud to accept PayPal payments, and we are a verified PayPal Business Merchant.


Q – I have digital pictures, how can I send them to you?

There are two ways that we can receive your digital pictures.

The first way, is to have a store develop your pictures like Wal-Mart. They will take your digital pictures and burn them to a CD. You can then send us the CD, and we will burn your pictures to a professional DVD.

The other way is, you can upload your pictures via our Customers Login section. We use an advanced uploading script that is web-based. So you can easily upload all your pictures in a matter of minutes. All customers pictures are uploaded into their own private area, so no one else can see them.


Q – How can I send you my pictures?

If you have regular pictures, you can ship them to us and we will scan them for you at no additional cost. Once they are scanned we will burn them to a professional DVD.

When you sign-up for any package, included in our Welcome Email is more in-depth information on where to send the pictures, and/or if you would like to send digital pictures also.


Q – Can’t I just make my own Picture DVD?

Sure, anyone with the right tools and knowledge can make their own Picture DVD. The problem is the time and money involved in one single project will end up costing you hundreds more than our service.

You could invest up to $1,190.88 to create one single Picture DVD. This is due to purchasing all the programs, scanner, DVD burner, and all other tools that we use. For a more in-depth reason to use our services check out


Q – In what format will my pictures be in?

All pictures will be digitally scanned into .jpeg format, which will result in very minimal quality reduction if any.



Q – How much is it for duplicate DVD copies?

The price for a duplicate DVD copy is currently $8.00. If you require more copies, we will give you a bulk discount rate.

Currently all of our DVD Packages, you will receive one duplicate DVD copy for free.


Q – Why choose a Picture DVD, and not a CD?

DVDs allow better quality than a CD. A CD can only hold up to 650MB of disk space, which means a lot of pictures will have to be crunched. This equals to less quality in your pictures. A DVD can hold up to 4,700MB 4.7GB of disk space, which will result in no or very little compression.

Also, not all CDs will work on DVD players. We use DVD-R for all our Picture DVDs. This assures quality, and will make sure all your friends and family will be able to view the DVD on their DVD players.


Q – How do you optimize the pictures?

We specifically use Photoshop CS, and Paint Shop Pro 2018. These programs allow us to optimize any pictures to very good quality. We can crop, fade out, or just clean up any picture you may have. Results may vary depending on the quality of the picture.


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