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Mabel Thomas, Founder & Executive Director


There is always room to grow. The activity room is a separate facility to encourage movement and following basic instructions. Interaction, life and people skills are encouraged and taught in a non-threatening environment to ensure the learner is able to exhibit these qualities at home and in the other environments. Each learner is challenged at their own level and never left alone to figure it out on their own. Accomplishments are celebrated by all. Rewards are used to increase participation and results. All care is focused at stimulating and growing life skills for all.

The library room encourages handling or books, reading and computer time. It is very important for all learners to receive outside time and activities in a safe and protected environment. They are able to practice sitting with others and experiencing the fresh air while learning the importance of group gatherings and participating with others in a controlled setting.

Our staff is experienced with over 20 years of planning, challenging and supporting our learners with each level of ready activity. Group activities are always exciting and positive for all. Music, exercise and crafts are just some of the activities that make Mabel’s Care Unique.

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