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Welcome to the PixonDVD.com organization page. When I started this business I was a single mom with a special needs child. I received so much help and greatly appreciated all of it. I made myself a promise to always support as many organizations as possible for all the special needs children and adults. Below are just a few that we are starting with. Please check out their pages.

Keep in mind that you can help them just by entering their individual codes. When you enter the codes you save 5% and we donate it to the organization that you entered.



Passion is the easy word to use to describe the fulfillment that is felt the minute you walk through the doors. After over 25 years of dedication to working with individuals with physical and mental challenges, Mabel took the desire from working in the public school system to coming out of retirement and continuing the training, support and encouragement for adult special needs. Experienced in speech development, safety and developmental training. Mabel is certified to teach, challenge and improve each consumer to their best capabilities.

Click here for more information on MABLE’S UNIQUE CARE


Our mission is to give back to our special angel’s the opportunity to spotlight the magnificently different abilities that God has bestowed upon them through their special needs and uniqueness.

Click here for more information on RUNWAYS ANGEL’S

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