How do I get started?

One of the most asked questions we have received over the last few years has been “Where do I send my pictures to?” Unlike a lot of our competitors, we actually want to either discuss your order over the phone or atleast via email contact. We’ve received so many customers that have said they signed up with another company, sent them their pictures, and only then did they tell them of their prices. We do not work this way.

We want you to know up front the price for the packages, how much we charge for shipping, and what kind of quality you will be receiving. We would then like to talk to you and customize your DVD for you. Our Picture DVD’s are customized, and we want you involved. If not on the phone, atleast having good Email communication with us. Once we hash out the details (takes less than 10 minutes) we’ll then direct you to our order form where you can sign up. Once you sign up, we’ll either contact you on the phone where to send the pictures to, and/or we’ll send you an email where you can send the pictures to.

We can guarantee you, 100% of the work is done in our local office located in Fort Worth, Texas. We are a single-mother approved business, and have the up most quality. We believe in “Buy American”, by Americans.

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