What is a Picture DVD?

I have thought for a few years now, “What is a Picture DVD?” Its a hard question to answer, because a Picture to DVD can mean so many different things to so many different people. At first I thought it was just a digal way to save your photos to a DVD. But there is so much more than just that.

I think of a Picture to DVD as, “An interactive Photo DVD that comes with music, thoughtfulness, love, and compassion.” But you might have a completely different thought on what a Picture to DVD is. Some people think of a Picture to DVD as “the perfect medium to store your photos in a digital format.” To be able to save your photos forever! Or someone else might think of a Picture DVD to be “the perfect way to capture moments in your life.”

You may also ask yourself… well since its hard to answer what is a Picture DVD, how about… what does a Picture DVD mean to me? Again, this is also another very hard question as it can mean so many different things. But I will try to fill in the blanks a bit.

In this digital age, there is no better way to save irreplaceable pictures than onto a DVD. Our Pictures to DVD allows you to save those pictures, but also in doing this share your pictures with family, friends, loved ones, and so many more. This is how Pictures to DVD is such a great gift. It’s the gift for any occasion. Just when I think I have thought up of all occasion this gift would be perfect for, I get an inquiry for a new occasion.

A Picture DVD could also be “a movie of pictures.” Giving a Father or Mom a Picture DVD of their children growing up… could possibly be the best gift of their lives. Having your Husband or Wife watch your wedding pictures on an interactive Picture DVD could bring tears of joy to their eyes. To bring love, compassion, and great memories together… this is what I think a Picture to DVD really is.

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