Your Memories

A memory is like a picture in your mind. It can be some of the greatest things of your life. Ever since the 1940’s people have been taking pictures of their vacations, weddings, births, sporting events and so much more. The only downside has been that pictures eventually wear and tear. They can be water damaged, or they can easily be lost. We have gone from black and white photographs and color photos to the digital age. We have finally entered the digital technilogical age of DVDs. We at are trying to lead the way in Picture DVDs.

We can take 40 – 500 of your special pictures and burn them to a Picture DVD. You can share these DVDs with your friends, family, and leave a legacy of your life to your next generation. What better way to share your life with family members thousands of miles away. Don’t send them a bulky photo album. Send them a professional Picture DVD that will work in any computer or DVD player.

What would be the price you would pay to keep your memories alive forever.. $10,000 – $5,000 – $1,000? How about…. $40.00$120.00. We can transfer your pictures to a professional DVD in a matter of days. This is the future of photography. Everyone is moving into the digital age, how about cross the bridge with us. Keep those memories alive!

Along with receiving a digitalized Picture DVD, you will also have the ability to have your pictures hosted on state-of-the-art servers. This will allow your friends and family to see your pictures on-line in a photo gallery. From here you can upload up to 500 other pictures for free.. there will not be any additional charge for this.

If you are not convinced yet, how about check out our “Packages Information Page” to learn more about our DVD Packages. Do you still have a few questions? If so, get the answers to your questions on our Questions and Answers page.

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